The Food Industry





Digital displays are becoming the norm in the food industry


  • It goes without saying that digital signage displays make the atmosphere much more lively and attractive. If you’re after a unique atmosphere, this may be just what you need
  • It helps to engage customers at the point of sale.
  • Digital signage can be used as a tool to interact with your customers
  • They are ideal for displaying menus, daily specials, and nutritional  information
  • You can post wine lists and other drink offerings
  • You can manage and update content easily – control multiple screens from one central unit
  • You will maintain customer interest by adding new items, or running special promotions




Digital Signage for each and every food venue:

•Sports Bars: Scores, beers on tap, and other drink prices

•Fast food restaurants: Image-enhanced menus, entertainment, news, weather and advertisements for waiting customers
•Fancier Restaurants: Digital Signage can still play an effective complimentary role in welcoming/waiting area and bathroom areas – share chef biographies and display positive restaurant reviews




 Save money and gain more



Cost of menu changes Easily make changes and modifications
Cost of price changes Generate money from advertising
Cost of printing Increase your image branding
Cost of shipping Stimulating environment = more$$$





You are in control of what is displayed. You have the ability to show and change relevant information depending on when is best for you.