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Car Dealerships


 Drive your dealership into the next level!


Your customers are sitting in your service waiting area for an average of 1 hour, 32 minutes. With your digital displays, you will be able to talk to them about your products and services and create new sales and up-sell opportunities.
•Drive traffic to your showroom
•Educate customers about products & services
•Market all of your profit centers

Digital displays give you control of your waiting areas:

•Removes competitors’ advertisements
•Removes negative programming
•Reduces perceived wait times

How and where to use your displays

•Digital service menu board: display your prices and specials
•Customer lounge TV: display standard TV OR better yet display your own videos…
•Service appointment sign: instantly update service appointments
•Dealer showroom signs: new car videos, marketing, and branding in showrooms
•Showroom video walls: make a statement, with large & impressive video walls.
•Outdoor digital messaging signs: high resolution and weather-proof displays, which will attract drivers passing by.


Educational Institutions



Students, nowadays, are constantly surrounded with digital imagery. They are conditioned to look at digital devices. Digital signage at their educational institution is the perfect medium to inform, educate and alert.

  • Posters, let’s admit, add clutter! Digital signage is clean and clutter free.
  • Reduce the use of paper for all announcements, reminders, schedules…
  • Override normal content to announce an emergency.
  • Post current events and special event schedules on your digital screens.
  • Display building directories and way finding for your campus.
  • Generate revenue by adding sponsored content and advertising.
  • Broadcast educational programs or remote lectures on digital display boards.
  • Highlight student and staff contributions.
  • Celebrate a big athletic win, academic milestone, or extracurricular event.
  • Use digital donor walls to highlight benefactors, community partners, and alumni.


Interactive digital signage can help new students and visitors to locate faculty offices, auditoriums or other key classrooms, and to sort through the directory information by name, department, building and more.


Each week, countless activities take place on campus. By leveraging digital signage, you can quickly communicate what’s happening to help drive awareness and attendance. Social media streams can also be incorporated to keep your displays fresh and current.









Donors help educational facilities expand and improve their offerings to students. A touch-enabled display can help you showcase the great things these donors have provided for your college, while creating an engaging experience for viewers to learn more at the touch of a finger.


Visitors, students and faculty alike need easy ways to find buildings on campus. By integrating Google Maps in your displays, you can select key points of interest both on and off campus to help guests get directions, which they can quickly transfer to their mobile device using on-screen QR codes.


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Home Automation


Benefits of Home Automation

  • Protection against break-ins and fires
  • Enjoying automation for lights, temperature, and more.
  • Promote security, comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience.
  • Save on the amount of labor, time, energy and materials

Peace of Mind

  • Monitor movement, temperature, and activity across your home
  • Rest easy knowing that you closed the garage, front door…
  • Receive notifications when family members arrive or leave home
  • Trigger notifications only at certain times of day, or when unexpected activities happen
  • Helps prevent costly structural repairs caused by extreme temperatures and excess water




  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Know if valuable items like jewelry cases are opened or tampered with
  • Get alerts when HVAC, electricity and other items break down
  • Turn on/off A/C units, portable heaters, thermostats remotely and also schedule them to turn off automatically when you leave.
  • Get warnings to prevent leaks from causing floods and structural damage
  • Get alerts when doors, windows are open




Why not enjoy the extras?


  • Automatically start the coffee machine when you wake up
  • Get light to follow you as you go from room to room
  • Set rules to automatically turn off your lights, electronics, and thermostat at different times or when not needed
  • Set your washing machine to tell you when the laundry’s done
  • Get an alert if your pet unexpectedly leaves home
  • Change the color of your Philips hue lights when you get a new Twitter follower
  • Make it look like you’re home when you’re traveling



Entry-level systems

  • All that precedes can be executed with an entry level system
  • Very fast to setup (1-2 days for a typical installation)
  • Most devices are wireless and battery operated
  • designed to be user friendly, reliable and affordable
  • Requires an internet connection and a Wireless router
  • Makes use of the client’s Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Works with both Apple and Android phones and tablets


High-end systems

  • For additional Audio & Video capabilities
  • Fixed Wired and Wireless remote Units in multiple rooms
  • Additional customization
  • Requires wiring and multiple controllers depending on area covered
  • Systems recommended based on requirements & preferences




Moisture Sensor 

•Prevent small leaks from becoming costly disasters by getting instant alerts on your smartphone when moisture is detected in areas where it doesn't belong.
Motion Sensor   
•Receive a notification when motion is detected in areas that are off-limits, such as the wine cellar.
•Automatically turn on the nightlight when your child gets out of bed.
•Set up your flood light to turn on when your car enters the driveway.



Presence Sensor

•Know when people, pets, or things are present or have left
•Get push or text notifications letting you know who is coming and going when you're not around
Multi Sensor   
•Acts as a movement, vibration, orientation, and temperature sensor all in one.
•Can detect whether an object like a door or drawer is open or closed
•Senses when valuable or off-limits items have been moved or tampered with,
•Offers temperature readings, and feel vibration.

We work with global brands



Unlimited choice of accessories



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Fitness Clubs

Fitness clubs offer an ideal environment for digital displays



People spend an average of 45 minutes 3-5 times a week at the gym.  Adding digital displays

to your fitness center will  not only enhance their experience, but it will keep them coming back

for the added entertainment value. In addition digital displays, will attract new members who

will enjoy joining an innovative and ‘smart’ gym.




•Display a list of your classes and schedules

•Promote your special programs and offers for members
•Display vendor ads
•Promote products for sale (gym clothes, energy drinks, protein shakes…)
•Deliver exercise and health tips
•Showcase a brief biography of your personal trainers and instructors
•Display videos on how to correctly use the equipment
•Stream live TV programming
•Play music and music videos






  Ensure that members are aware of the full range of gym

  services available to them by promoting all you have

  available on your displays.







Remember: Digital Signage can be controlled from

anywhere, home, office and mobile devices. It is all

pre-configured and can be updated instantly.